Produmex WMS

To excel in today’s highly competitive global market, your company needs a flexible and integrated warehouse management solution that supports all industry-specific logistic processes.

Produmex WMS is an industry-specific solution that has certified integration with SAP Business One, and available on both SAP HANA and Microsoft SQLServer database platforms.. It conforms to SAP Business One integration standards and has been developed to provide greater control and documentation of logistics on the shop floor or in the warehouse.

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Produmex Suite Brochure

For logistics and wholesale distribution companies, its tracking and tracing functionality complements SAP Business One and adds unique functionality for businesses in the food and pharmaceuticals sectors. Produmex WMS communicates with operators on the shop floor via handheld terminals or touch screens. From purchasing, goods receipt and storage, labeling, route planning, inventory management, production, and packaging to the eventual dispatch, this fully integrated system guarantees total traceability throughout the supply chain.

Produmex WMS delivers significant cost savings for companies in heavily-regulated industries. It streamlines and optimizes inbound and outbound logistics and meets even the strictest regulatory requirements for quality, serialization, shelf life, traceability, and catch weight.

Our in-depth experience in regulated industries means that you get a proven solution and increased return on your investment.

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