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As a small or midsize consumer goods wholesale & distribution company, you need to process large volumes with low margins, manage one or more distribution centers, deal with tight delivery schedules, manage inventory risks, and quickly access detailed reporting (e.g., sales, product movements, profitability). Your key to success lies in doing it better and more efficiently than your competitors.

Based on in-depth domain experience within the wholesale and distribution industry, Produmex designed an SAP Business One solution that meets the specific needs of consumer goods wholesale & distribution companies.


  • Location management – bulk locations, pick locations, cross docking
  • Inbound logistics – goods receipts, put away
  • Outbound logistics – multiple picking algorithms, shipping
  • Addtional logistic processes– cycle counting, return logistics, intercompany warehouse transfers
  • Automatic replenishment
  • Route planning

Quality & Traceability

The regulatory framework regarding product safety assigns specific responsibilities to all businesses in the supply chain, including suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors. To efficiently and reliably fulfill these obligations, Produmex has developed industry-specific functions for quality management and traceability (tracking and tracing). With these functions you can manage the quality of the goods you have traded and ensure the dock-to-dock traceability of product flows and the associated information – so you can act fast and focused in case of incidents such as product recalls.

Produmex offers a fully-integrated solution that streamlines administrative and financial processes and integrates them with the logistic operations in your warehouses and on the shop floor.

Wolvenberg is able to manage its entire supply chain – from supplier to customer – in one environment thanks to Produmex and SAP Business One.

Mark Heylen CEO, Wolvenberg

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