Industry specific

Discrete manufacturing is often characterized by individual or separate unit of production. Units can be produced in low volume with very high complexity or high volumes of low complexity. Low volume/high complexity production results in the need for an extremely flexible manufacturing system that can improve quality and time-to-market speed while cutting costs. High volume/low complexity production puts high premiums on inventory controls, lead times and reducing or limiting materials costs and waste.

Produmex Manufacturing has been successfully implemented in a wide range of industries including:

  • Automotive
  • Metal Processing
  • Foundry
  • Industrial machinery
  • Construction industry
  • Plastics processing
  • Glass manufacturing
  • Wood processing
  • Furniture manufacturing
  • Manufacturing of ceramics
  • Medical instruments

The implementation of Produmex Manufacturing in these segments has opened opportunities for improvement and optimization in various areas, including:

  • The capacity of manufacturing resources (machines, labour, tools) can be scheduled together to maximize production throughput;
  • Optimized resource usage improves cost efficient manufacturing and production quality;
  • Capturing shop floor production data makes it possible to monitor bottlenecks and detect potential delays at an early stage;
  • Standard operation times can be adjusted and refined by analyzing Production Data Capture (PDC) data.
  • Quality control issues can be identified early in the production process and adjustments can be applied just in time;
  • Fully configurable automated production resource scheduling, including manual rescheduling if required;
  • When the due dates of production orders are calculated by the MRP2 logic, the available capacity of resources are taken into consideration;
  • Unlimited capacity resources are also supported;
  • For long leadtime production, purchase orders are scheduled to the beginning of the operations as opposed to the beginning of the entire production order.