Industry specific

In the food and beverage industry, conforming to meet government regulations is mandatory for all producers, processors, and distributors – big and small. You have to be compliant, but HOW you comply can significantly impact your competitive position. The key to success lies in capturing full and accurate data about product movement to meet ever-evolving industry regulations, and using this data to also gain efficiencies to remain competitive and profitable, while at the same time improving customer relationships. We will help you leverage your technology investment to minimise compliance risk and, at the same time, lower costs, increase efficiencies and sales.

PTI Compliance for Produce

Bottlers and Packagers

Industrial Bakeries

Catch Weight for Food

Wholesalers & Distributors


Increase sales

Put your company in a position to take on bigger, more demanding customers at no extra cost

  • easily meet customers’ quality and traceability requirements, such as mock recalls and detailed reporting
  • improve customer service and loyalty through real-time insights into order status and history
  • process orders faster and more accurately

Lower operating costs and increase efficiencies

Collect data once and use it to drive efficiencies across your organization.

  • optimize inventory levels to reduce waste and put an end to lost sales due to out-of-stock situations
  • eliminate error-prone manual processes
  • streamline workflow to process higher volumes in less time
  • gain visibility into inventory values to reduce capital investment
  • automate administrative functions, from purchase orders to invoices

Minimize Risk

Protect your brand and reduce your company’s exposure to fines, recalls, and shutdowns.

  • fully comply with regulations and guidelines including the Food Safety & Modernization Act, The Produce Traceability Initiative, EU Food Law, …
  • pinpoint inventory at any stage of your production or logistics process to meet even the strictest requirements
  • catch problems before products reach consumers by automating quality controls and monitoring across all warehouses, docks, storage areas, zones, bin locations, and production areas
  • accurately satisfy all reporting and recall requirements – in minutes, not hours
  • instantly access real-time inventory data across all operations

SAP Business One Integrated

Collect data once and use it to drive efficiencies across your organization.

  • 1-click traceability on inbound, internal, and outbound product movements
  • full quality record of all handled items
  • flexible location management supports multiple warehouses, multi-layer locations (zones, aisles, racks, shelves, bins), containers
  • automated goods receipt, put away
  • multiple picking algorithms, shipping, route planning
  • lot tracking, cycle counting, return logistics (RMA), intercompany warehouse transfers
  • automatic replenishment
  • catch weight, multiple units of measure
  • serialization
  • expiry dates, FEFO, shelf life, two batch numbers
  • easy-to-use graphical touch screens

It wasn’t always easy to reserve the right items for an order from the warehouse before, or see whats still had to be ordered. Everything was done manually, and this sometimes resulted in problems but it all takes place automatically now with Produmex’s WMS solution.

Henk Jan de Boer Deputy Director, Oliehoorn

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