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Catch weight management is of particular interest to agricultural producers, food producing and trading companies that have to cope with products with a variable weight (fruits, vegetables, cheese, beef, ham, …). In the harvesting, production and trading of these products dual units of measures have to be managed: quantity in terms of numbers and weight.

Produmex offers catch weight management functions to manage products that vary in weight from piece to piece. This is most well known in the agricultural produce, meat, poultry and cheese industries but can also arise in other industries such as steel.

Ordering, receiving, inventory management, disassembly, production, sales, picking and delivery processes have to support both units.

This is because the practical inventory and  production management of the products is based on quantities (you order or produce in pieces), but the value is usually based on the weight of the individual pieces and their price per weight. Also weight losses of these products will have to be taken into account during the inbound, production, storage and outbound logistics processes. Produmex WMS version 4.2 now offers full support for these warehouse management processes, available starting from SAP Business One 9.0.

Key Produmex features

  • Support for dual units of measure
  • Quantity & weight registration during goods receipt, inventory moves and picking
  • Processing of weight losses (cycle counting)
  • Shelf life management
  • FEFO handling
  • Tracking & tracing
  • Quality management

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