Focus on cost & quality control

For industrial bakeries, quality control is a key element in complying with ever-increasing government regulations. Fluctuating costs of raw materials and freight, however, add a layer of complexity to your business decisions. To effectively compete, you need real-time visibility across your entire operations.

With Produmex, you can easily track ingredients as they move through your operations – from vendors to specific batches. Plus, it is tied to all of your administrative functions so you get a comprehensive view of how decisions will impact your bottom line.

Effectively manage quality – and run leaner than your competitors

  • Get a dashboard view of real-time inventory and production analysis – such as inventory turns, expiry dates, and stales reports – to improve yields
  • Quickly compare costing methods to make better buying decisions when prices change
  • Capture consumption and production data in real-time on the shop floor to assess yields by shift and machinery
  • Improve forecasting and purchasing decisions to reduce spoilage and stockpiled inventory
  • Easily manage multiple methods of sales order processing, including standing orders
  • Effectively manage routes to control shipping costs

Key Produmex features

  • Raw materials management
  • Weighing & dispensing
  • Batch traceability
  • Shelf life management
  • FEFO handling
  • Recipe management
  • Production & packaging