Focus on compliance, quality and efficiency

The Produce Traceability Initiative, sponsored by Canadian Produce Marketing Association, GS1 US, Produce Marketing Association and United Fresh Produce Association, is designed to help the industry maximize the effectiveness of current traceback procedures, while developing a standardized industry approach to enhance the speed and efficiency of traceability systems for the future.

To meet the challenges of these increasingly-strict regulations and global competition, processing and packaging companies in the agricultural sector must employ best-practice quality, logistic and production procedures that span their entire operations.

Produmex helps you to cost-effectively implement, enforce, and monitor quality standards across multiple processes and product lines. We’ll tailor a solution that will help you run at peak efficiency with maximum quality.

Ensure compliance – more cost-effectively than your competitors

  • Apply GS1 standards for identification of produce (GTIN), logistic units (SSCC), crates and cases
  • Capture and store relevant information about batches of produce (inbound & outbound)
  • Encode information in barcode labels
  • Track and trace produce as it transitions through each stage
  • Set alerts to notify supervisors of quality control deviations
  • Get a dashboard view of where inventory is located and all associated details, such as quality status
  • Be able to demonstrate Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) compliance

Key Produmex features

  • Capturing of batch attributes for produce (country of origin, harvesting date, quality class, …)
  • PTI compliant labels with GS1 barcodes
  • Production & packaging management
  • Quality management
  • Detailed inventory management
  • FEFO / shelf life management
  • Farm-to-fork traceability based on GS1 standards”

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