On a worldwide scale, industries and public authorities increasingly have to fight organized fraud and counterfeiting. These criminal practices cost billions of $ to companies, governments and consumers in terms of loss of sales and tax revenues, abolition of jobs, safety and health risks, etc.

Industry segments such as pharmaceuticals, automotive, tobacco, food, luxury goods, telecom and high tech product are particularly affected by this.

Apart from the financial losses, the regulatory requirements that governments gradually are imposing become more and more strict and make it necessary for companies to act.

Anti-counterfeiting technology

Serialized item management, i.e. the individual numbering and identification of products at item level, is an effective anti-counterfeiting technology, which is a standard Produmex feature addressing the growing requirements of customers in this industry sector.

Produmex substantially enhances and extends the base functionality of SAP business One. The result is great visibility of inventory by serial number (or by batch) combined with on-demand traceability to meet regulatory requirements, for recalls, service and support, and to prevent counterfeiting.

Key Produmex features

  • Generation of serial numbers (including randomisation & control characters)
  • Goods receipt of serialized items
  • Production and labeling of serialized items
  • Picking and shipping of serialized items
  • Tracking & tracing of serialized items
  • Pedigree reporting