Focus on agility & speed

Wholesalers and distributors in the food industry must adhere to strict government regulations, and yet be highly flexible to accommodate the varying and changing needs of customers. In this high-volume environment, agility and speed are critical factors in your success.

From a single dashboard, Produmex gives you full visibility into vendor performance, product movement, and customer orders. We’ll tailor a solution that will help to accelerate your business cycles and quickly capitalize on opportunities.

Key Produmex features

  • Produce Traceability Initiative compliant labeling (crate & logistic labels)
  • Inbound & outbound container management
  • Multiple picking strategies
  • Cross docking
  • Cycle counting
  • Advanced returns handling
  • Route planning
  • Shelf life management

Keep pace with customers – and make better, faster decisions than your competitors

  • Make smarter buying decisions through more accurate forecasting and full visibility into vendor performance
  • Reduce errors by automatically assigning customer-specific pricing and requirements to orders
  • Easily track inventory metrics to increase turnover and reduce shortages
  • Gain real-time visibility into shop floor operations to improve order fulfillment accuracy and accommodate customers’ changes

We looked at a lot of vendors and, after eight or nine product demos, we determined that Produmex met our FEFO inventory needs and could be easily adopted by existing and new employees.

Husam Elas CEO, Hanan Distribuciones

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