Product information

Produmex Operator is a simple but versatile mobile app for reporting resource time and material against SAP Business One production orders.

This Android app, developed to work with SAP Business One production orders, digitally transforms the enterprise allowing production operators, service engineers and project staff to record labor time, materials consumed and finish products produced. This online, real-time connection removes business process waste, and dynamically links production planning, customer service, purchasing inventory replenishment and the finance departments together thus transforming the enterprise.

Application area

Produmex Operator allows production operators, service engineers and project staff to record their labour hours and materials used when performing their daily tasks associated with SAP Business One production orders.


  • Connect shop floor operators, service engineers and other mobile workers to the rest of the business
  • Supports a mobile workforce
  • Reduce paper work and increase data accuracy
  • Record labor time and materials in real-time
  • Reduce operational costs and increase data accuracy
  • Android app, simple to install, providing a rapid Return On Investment (ROI), and low cost of ownership


  • Record unplanned material consumption and their quantities
  • Supports both batch and serial numbers
  • Report SAP Business One production order completions
  • Complete SAP Business One Issue to Production and Receipt from Production labour, materials and byproduct transactions
  • Configurable user interface supporting user defined fields and user queries

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