Product information

Produmex PDC (Production Data Collection) is a mobile application that enables operators to report production and quality control data in real-time from the shop floor.

Intended for small and mid-size manufacturing companies, Produmex PDC provides visibility, helps to increase productivity and profitability through improved resource monitoring, delay detection and quality control testing.

Application area

Produmex PDC is an extension to Produmex Manufacturing allowing employees to report work hours of operations, actual material quantities consumed, job completions, machine failure and quality control test results. Produmex PDC, also includes employee time and attendance, which is integrated into the Human Resource module of SAP Business One.

Monitoring employee arrival and leave times, monthly including ad-hoc attendance reporting, and offering status checking functions to improve attendance management. Produmex PDC is available on Windows mobile terminals and desktop computers, fully supports barcode scanning for data entry and does not require an SAP client to be installed on the terminal.


  • Can serve as a real-time stop-watch workshop terminal
  • Supports worktime reporting
  • Receiving products, by-products, and report on rejected quantities Record actual consumed material quantities , batches and serial numbers
  • Machine downtime and production delays can be reported
  • Allows material/product reporting for partially completed production orders
  • Collect and report quality test results linked to steps in the production process
  • Recorded quality control data available for analysis and reporting
  • Employee attendance bookings to view, create and cancel time management entries
  • Monthly attendance reporting including absence reason codes
  • Error report to manage faulty bookings


Real-time production, quality and employee data reporting Transactions directly recorded into SAP Business One
  • Improved workhour and material quantity data accuracy
  • Reduced operational costs and less human errors
  • Early detection of time delays and potential product defects Supports products and materials managed by serial/batch numbers
  • Quality control testing of in-house manufactured and outsourced products
  • Simple (and flexible) employee work hours tracking
  • Reduced paperwork and manual entry
  • Configurable with user defined fields and queries
  • Available on Windows mobile devices, desktop computers, and barcode scanning

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