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Produmex expands its country of origin functionality to production

With the increase of consumer awareness regarding country of origin provenance, the effects of food fraud especially with the organics sector, manufactures are now required to refine their business processes to ensure the correct products are picked against the recipe specification.

For a long time, Produmex has been able to record product batch attributes at the point of purchase goods receipt such as country of origin, GMO and organic status. And in the sales order to delivery process define the product attributes required by the customer to ensure the correct product is picked from stock e.g Black Raisins with attributes Organic, USA, California.

This batch attribute functionality has now been added to the recipe, where the user can add the required product attributes required by the customer or own branded product e.g Cashews, with attributes India, Goa, Organic. When the production order is created these values are copied ensuring the inventory pick list proposal will select the specific batches which meet the required attributes

Find more information about Country Of Origin here


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