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Produmex Quality , a tool to support online and real-time quality control testing and analysis

Quality control is a mandatory requirement within regulated industries such as Food and Beverage and Life Sciences, to ensure products are manufactured to standards protecting consumer health. But this  business critical function suffers, affecting the whole company , man power , processes and even the bottom line:

  • Off-line paper based system
  • Standalone or not a core feature of ERP system
  • Critical business process, but always last in the ERP implementation journey
  • Data not captured on-line, thus decision making & corrective action is delayed
  • Paper & labour resource intensive
  • Electronic traceability is lost – reliant on paper based systems

With the introduction of Produmex Quality to the recent release of Produmex Food & Beverage and Life Sciences for Distributors and Manufacturers, enterprises can now move away from paper based off-line data to on-line data captured at source, providing a wide range of business benefits, such as supporting the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) traceability time threshold of 4 hours.

Produmex Quality supports the following business processes, using a combination of fixed and mobile touch screen and mobile RF devices.

  • Purchase Goods Receiving with Vehicle & Container Checks, and Lab based Testing
  • Production Order status Start, Stop and On-Hold, including material issue and receipts
  • Post Production & Batch Re-Testing via lab testing or in-situ in the warehouse location
  • Resource Calibration e.g. Weigh Scales & Thermometers

More info? Check our Produmex Quality page

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