Streamline inter company transactions and integration

For any company with multiple business units or subsidiaries, inter company trading transactions and integration create operational complexity. Minimizing this complexity is critical when you need to consolidate financials across all operations for reporting, provide visibility into the sales performance of each business entity, or streamline inter company procurement transactions.

The SAP Business OneĀ® application, designed for small and midsize companies and subsidiaries of large enterprises, lets you coordinate operations, increase visibility, and transform decision making cost-effectively.

The inter company integration solution for SAP Business One streamlines processes such as financial consolidation and inter company procurement between two or more organizations running the application. Already used in more than 60 countries, it supports multiple subsidiaries, each running their own instance of SAP Business One, including those using different currencies.

Now you can:

  • Consolidate, coordinate, and view activities across all business units running SAP Business One without manual reconciliation
  • Manage multiple subsidiaries, business units, legal entities, and currencies
  • Reduce the cycle time to collate, consolidate, and report financial data
  • Apply standardized and transparent financial processes across business entities
  • Easily and intuitively manage cross-subsidiary financial information
  • Increase productivity as a result of time saved and simplified transactions

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