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Supporting Country of Origin with Produmex Food & Beverage in 3 easy steps

Changes in consumer behavior and trust regarding provenance and country of origin labeling, combined with regulatory requirements from the BRC, FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act, and the likes of  NAFTA , food and beverage distributors and manufacturers require effective traceability systems of ingredients to remain competitive, increase brand value while meeting today’s industry challenges.

Country of origin, and related data such as country, location , and the wider topic of organic and GMO status, is managed within Produmex Food & Beverage using a concept called batch attributes. 

This SAP Business One industry solution for Distributors and Manufacturers, allows small and mid-sized businesses to manage and track any information related to the batch which can then be used to print product labels plus Gs1 barcodes to provide documented evidence to customers and supply chain partners.

Just 3 steps away

Country of origin is a complex topic, but in just 3 steps, using standard functionality the enterprise is on its country of origin journey !

Step 1

Define a list of countries and country locations where the product can be sourced

Step 2

For each ingredient , define the batch attributes to be captured and validated during the purchase goods receipt process using mobile RF devices.

Step 3

Within the product recipe, define the batch attribute values for the ingredients required to meet the customers or own private label product specification.

Now the system is all set to make products based on country of origin , location and organic status.

Production Order

When the production order is created these values are copied ensuring the issue to production pick list proposal will select the specific batches with the same attribute values, displayed in a FEFO ( or FIFO) order sequence.

Batch Details

The picking proposal sorts through the list of available batches of cashew nuts in stock to find the specific batch(s) that matches the recipe specification


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