Produmex WMS

Produmex WMS is an industry-specific warehouse management solution , with certified integration with SAP Business One. It has been developed to provide greater control and management of logistics processes on the shop floor or in the warehouse., and supports all relevant inbound, internal and outbound logistics functions.

Produmex Scan

Produmex Scan is an easy-to-implement, fully functional, real time mobile bar code scanning solution for SAP Business One inventory related transactions.

Produmex Track

Produmex Track is a specific solution to manage the complexity of serialized products in the life sciences supply chain for production, warehouse logistics and regulatory reporting.

Produmex Quality

Produmex Quality is a quality control and assurance solution for regulated industries such as Life Sciences and Food and Beverage Manufacturing, providing the capability for testing products during their whole life cycle, during purchase goods receiving, in process and post production, and inventory management processes.

Produmex Weigh

Produmex Weigh is a weighing and dispensing solution for SAP Business One designed for regulated industries such as Food & Beverage and Pharmaceuticals

Produmex Connect

Produmex Connect is a weight scale interface allowing the connection of a variety of scales via various communication protocols to the Produmex Weigh application.