Product information

Produmex Weigh is a weighing and dispensing solution for SAP Business One designed for regulated industries such as Food & Beverage and Pharmaceuticals

Traditionally managed within the enterprise using a standalone application with interfaces to the ERP system for recipes, production orders and inventory. Produmex Weigh connects the operational task of weighing and dispensing ingredients, plus label printing within the material flow process managed by Produmex WMS. Thus supporting picking from the warehouse and preparing ingredients ready for production, while providing a single source of record and enhancing product traceability.

Application area

Weighing is one of the most critical steps within the food and beverage industry and if dispensing is inaccurate, the batch/lot can be scrapped impacting business profitability, and customer service. Produmex Weigh ensures accurate and consistent weighing of all material types, displaying on-screen instructions through intuitive user interfaces, guaranteeing conformance to cGMP procedures.


  • Accurately weigh ingredients
  • Increase product quality & reduce waste
  • Single system of record , thus enhancing traceability
  • Complete audit trail of weighing process
  • On-line system vs Off-line paper based system
  • Core business process therefore offering higher data accuracy
  • Supports your ISO, BRC, FDA & GMP SOP’s


  • Interface to weighing scales
  • RF picking of materials to be weighed
  • Colour coded tolerance warnings
  • Ingredient label printing
  • Fully integrated with Produmex WMS workflows
  • Data archiving, audit trail, two level user login & authentication

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